Workshops and Conferences


The 11th National Conference of Consortium Against Rabies (CARCON 2023) was organized by the DY Patil University School of Public Health in association with the Consortium against Rabies (CAR), New Delhi on 8 and 9th December 2023 with the overarching theme of Collaborate, Educate and Empower. This interdisciplinary conference was attended by over 100 delegates from various public health institutes, veterinary colleges, medical colleges, government agencies, civil society representatives and vaccine manufacturers. Dr Shrikrishna Isloor (Professor & Laboratory Director WOAH reference lab for Rabies), Dr Omesh Bharti(State Epidemiologist, Himachal Pradesh who pioneered an affordable cure for rabid dog bites), Dr Monil Singhai (Joint director NCDC), Murugan Appupillai (Director Mission Rabies), Dr Anurag Agarwal(Secretary CAR), Dr Kalimpasha Pathan (Head of Veterinary Services BMC), Dr Geeta Pardeshi (Professor & Head of Community Medicine,Grant Medical College), Mrs Aruna Yadav (NMMC School Education Officer), Ms Pooja Sakpal (Founder, YODA) and Mr Akshay Ridlan (Founder, were some of the eminent professionals who shared their expertise and experience. The conference emphasized the importance of building multi and intersectoral collaborations to end dog-mediated human deaths by 2030 in India.