Webinar Series

Public Health Webinar Series

The webinar series hosted by the school is an opportunity for students and young faculty to be exposed to the work carried out by renowned faculty from various spheres of life. The objective is to showcase real life challenges in public health and the ways in which it is practiced. The school has initiated webinar series on Environmental Health and Public Health.

The Public Health webinar series reflects the varied opportunities available in Public Health for students across disciplines. The school conducts these webinar series introducing students to the curriculum and the outreach activities organised here. The webinar also has experts from the field interacting with students.  Through these sessions, experts share their knowledge, experiences, and insights, helping the students pave their way ahead in the field of Public Health. From discussing current challenges to highlighting emerging trends, these sessions offer valuable perspectives and guidance.


Public Health Perspectives Talk Show

Engage in intellectually stimulating conversations with esteemed public health experts from across the nation. Explore a wide spectrum of critical subjects that are currently influencing the field of public health. This platform offers a deep dive into topics ranging from effective healthcare communication strategies to the latest advancements in health policies and various other pertinent areas. Join us in this enriching exploration of ideas that are shaping the landscape of public health today.