Dr Nitika Pant Pai

Dr Nitika Pant Pai MD, MPH, PhD, is a tenured Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine, Division of Clinical Epidemiology and a Principal Investigator at the Research Institute of the MUHC. Her global implementation research program in Canada, India and South Africa is primarily focused on point-of-care diagnostics for HIV and associated co-infections (Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, HPV, bacterial STIs). Her research informs domestic and global policy on point-of-care diagnostics. She develops and incorporates innovation, implementation science, artificial intelligence, to generate solutions that plug health service delivery gaps. She strives to generate clinical, public health and social impact.

Notable Publications

1. Modern Diagnostic Technologies for HIV
Pai NP, *Karellis A, Kim J, Peter T.
The Lancet HIV. 2020.

2. Impact of a personalised, digital, HIV self-testing app-based program on linkages and new infections in the township populations of South Africa.
Pai NP, Esmail A, Saha-Chaudhuri P, Oelofse S, Pretorius M, *Marathe G, *Daher J, *Smallwood M, *Karatzas N, Fadul M, *de Waal A, Engel N, Zwerling AA, Dheda K.
BMJ Global Health. 2021.

3. Will an innovative AideSmart! app-based multiplex, point-of-care, screening strategy for HIV and related coinfections affect timely quality antenatal screening of rural Indian women? Results from a cross-sectional study in India.
Pai NP, *Daher J, Prashanth HR, Shetty A, Sahni RD, Kannangai R, Abraham P, Isaacs R.
BMJ Sexually Transmitted Infections. 2019.

4. Time for HIV self-testing in Canada: a vision and an action plan.
Pai NP, Thomas R.
Canadian Medical Association Journal.2020.

5. HIV self-testing with digital supports as the new paradigm: A systematic review of global evidence (2010–2021).
*McGuire M, *de Waal A, *Karellis A, *Janssen R, Engel N, Sampath R, Carmona S, Zwerling AA, Suarez MF, Pai NP.
EClinicalMedicine. 2021.

6. Multiplexed rapid technologies for sexually transmitted infections: a systematic review.
*Karellis A, *Naeem F, Nair S, Mallya S, Routy J-P, Gahagan J, Yansouni CP, Kim J, Pai NP.
The Lancet Microbe. 2021.

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  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) – Motilal Nehru Medical College, University of Allahabad, Allahabad, India




  • Master of Public Health – University of California at Berkeley School of Public Health, Berkeley, USA




  • PhD in Epidemiology – University of California at Berkeley School of Public Health, Berkeley, USA




  • Postdoctoral Fellowship in Clinical trials (research) – McGill University, Montreal, Canada