Ms. Nidhi Panicker

Nidhi has a Master’s degree in Sociology from Delhi School of Economics.Her academic journey led her to develop a particular interest in the areas of Penology and Criminal Justice, Sociology of Health and Medicine, and Environmental Sociology. Her previous research has focused on exploring student perceptions of Climate Change and the sociological aspects of the prison system.

She has been exposed to varied areas in Coastal Ecology, Climate Change Communication, and Sustainability in the Indian context through workshops and courses that have broadened her understanding of environmental issues and their impact on public health. Nidhi also deeply appreciates the performing arts, particularly Theatre, and has directed plays during her engagement with the art form.

A curious and passionate sociologist, her commitment to constant learning and growth drives her forward in teaching and research.

Selected Publications [Last five years]

  • Prisons as Totalising Institutions: Understanding Narratives of Ex-Prisoners
  • April 2021 – June 2021 (MA Research Project)
  • Awareness, Consciousness and (In)action: A Study of Student-Youth Perception of Climate Change December 2019 – May 2020 (BA Research Paper)
  • Contemporary Advertising as an Index of Consumer Culture. Paper presentation at World Class Day, 2019. University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

• Social & Behavioural Sciences, Health Education & Promotion, and Demography and Population Health.

  • MA Sociology, Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University
  • BA (Humanities), Manipal Centre for Humanities, MAHE, Manipal.