Center Of Innovation & Incubation

The “Incubation Centre” established at the centre of excellence will nurture and oversee innovation and entrepreneurship among students, research scholars, faculty, and alumni. The School of Public Health will focus on social entrepreneurship by forging meaningful collaborations across various disciplines.  

Current proposals in incubation


MediPrepCheck would be India’s one of the first exclusive public health consultancy. Services offered by the firm would include healthcare system preparedness check (private and govt. institutions), epidemic resilient township planning and also promoting a healthier corporate life for private sector employees. The dimensions of services can be expanded to various other sectors as well. This exclusive public health consultancy service would help build more resilient health systems and organizations, and even living and corporate spaces. This consultancy aims at promoting “Epidemic proof”, so that future economic burden and losses can be cut down caused by low preparedness.


Sbasthya is a fully equipped Affordable and Accessible Ambulance service with e- EMS (Emergency Medical System) response system with custom interface for the interoperability feature which can exchange data or health records of the patient onboard through mobile apps like telemedicine, e-hospital portal installed within the ambulance designing company service with comprehensive range of services including non-emergency patient transport, mail & healthcare courier, secure patient transport, bariatric transport and repatriation services. It provides comprehensive services to assist in developing and implementing emergency communication and response plans that will save lives, safeguard assets, and preserve the environment. Time is one of the essences of emergency medical services. The mandated response time for cardiac, respiratory, stroke and accident cases are 10 minutes. An attempt through this service can be done for the patients to be admitted in the hospital after the “golden hour”.

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