Aravindh A.J.

Aravindh AJ holds a Master of Public Health degree from the Central University of Kerala and a Bachelor of Nursing degree from Pondicherry University. Aravindh has extensive expertise in Research Methodology, NCD Epidemiology, and Mixed Methodology, having held positions that includes Assistant Professor at P PSavani University and State Intern Consultant at National Health Mission. Aravindh’s scholarly significance may be seen in his contributions to prestigious national and international publications, which demonstrate an enduring commitment to significant research. Aravindh strives to bridge the gap between theory and practice, promoting healthier communities, with a strong combination of academic acumen and practical expertise. This pursuit of holistic well-being and improved healthcare outcomes exemplifies Aravindh’s unwavering commitment.
  1. Soni, S., Vishwakarma, D., & Aj, A. (2023). A Cross Sectional Study To Measure The Level Of Depression And The Quality Of Life Among The Geriatric Population Residing In Community. IJRAR, 10(2).

Introduction to qualitative research Methods

Environmental Studies – Environment and Occupational Health

Master of Public Health at Central University of Kerala, Kasaragod

Bachelor in Nursing at Pondicherry University, Puducherry